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How Does It Work?

You record a voice or text message, import phone numbers, and our Outbound Calling System delivers your message to each number in your list.

Import Contacts

Import phone numbers from MS Excel, CSV file or type them manually.

Record Message

Record your voice message or input your text message.

Start Calling

Deliver your message to each number in your contact list.

Your own caller ID

You can use your own caller ID so recipients can dial you back immediately.

Voicemail Detect

If a recipient doesn't answer the call, we can leave your message on their voicemail.

Records a voice response

Allow to record any voice messages from the call recipient.

Ignores duplicate phone numbers

Automatically skips duplicate phone numbers in your list.


Automatically redials if the phone number is busy or not answered.


Specify the time interval and days of the week when calls shoud be made.

Personalized message

Delivers personalized messages. Dear John Smith is much better than "Dear Customer".

Press "One" to transfer

Give the called party the option to press "1" to speak to a representative.

Touch-key response

Collects touch-tone responses for phone surverys and press "one" campaigns.