Outbound Call API - Make an Outbound Phone Call

Make an Outbound Phone Call

The following API enables you to make a single call to a landline phone or cell phone.


POST https://api.voice2phone.com/call


Authorization: Your API key
Content-Type: application/json


    Message: "Hello World",
        "1"     : "Thank you"


Parameter Description
Phone.Number (mandatory) The phone number to call. The phone number can be in local or international format.
Phone.CountryCode (mandatory) The ISO code A2 of the country. For example: US, CA, GB etc.
Message (mandatory) The text to be played during a call using text-to-speech engine.
The Voice2Phone Call API also supports the ability to insert your audio files to the message.
To do it, please use the following tag format: <your file name>. For example: Hello <john.wav>
Dtmf (optional) Provides a mapping from a touch-key to a message.
The message is played during a call when the touch key is pressed.


HTTP Status Code: 200 OK

    CallId : "54b16dd7-8e68-4a2a-973d-063e39a6998c"