VoIP Auto Dialer - Getting Started

Getting Started

This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to use VoIP Auto Dialer.

Step 1. Create Outbound Phone Calling Campaign

You can create a dialing campaign with the VoIP Auto Dialer by adding telephone numbers and creating a voice message. To create a new campaign, click the 'plus' icon on the campaigns header. This will take you to a section where you can name your campaign before selecting VoIP providers. In the box at the top of the interface, type a name for your campaign.

Create a new outboud phone calling campaign

Step 2. Add VoIP Provider SIP settings

After typing a campaign name you will need to add a VoIP provider. This window appears after you click 'Add Provider' on the main window. Provide your domain, username, display name, authorization name, and password. When you have finished adding a VoIP provider, click 'OK'.

Add a VoIP Provider

Click the 'next' button to continue.

Step 3. Add Phone Numbers

In the next step, you will see a two-column spreadsheet for phone numbers. On the first row, type your own phone number in the appropriate cell. This will force the system to call your phone before the campaign reaches customers. This is an effective method of checking the message and protocols for errors.

VoIP Auto Dialer Phone Numbers

If you have a large amount of phone numbers for your campaign, you can upload an existing CSV file instead of manually entering information. To do this, click on the 'Tools' button in the bottom-right field of the window. Select 'Import .CSV File', and add the appropriate file from your computer. The 'Tools' button can also be used to add columns and delete rows.

Step 4. Message

In the next step, you will create an audio message that is played when a contact answers a call from the Auto Dialer system. Select the 'Text' option before typing your message in the text box. This method will use an automated voice to read your message to your contacts when they answer your calls. You can also use a personalized voice message by uploading a WAV audio file to the Auto Dialer system. After your message is typed or uploaded, select the 'Next' button to create your campaign. VoIP Auto Dialer Message Setup

Well Done. You are ready to start calling

Select 'Finish' to process the campaign. After the campaign is configured and processed, you will return to the original interface window. Select your newly created campaign, and click 'Start' to begin calling your contacts. The campaign can be paused and edited at any time through the main window.

VoIP Auto Dialer - Start Calling