VoIP Auto Dialer - Message

Message Types

The Voice Dialer system sends messages that you can create with the text-to-speech, WAV file or Message Designer methods.

Creating Text-to-Speech Messages

To create a text-to-speech message, select the 'Text' option on the page after the phone numbers spreadsheet. Type a message that you would like played to your contacts when they answer the call.

Text to speech message

Uploading WAV Files

You can also send audio recordings of your voice or music by uploading a WAV file. To upload a WAV file, select the 'Audio File' option on the message page. If you have a file on your computer, click 'Browse', and upload the file. You can also record a voice message with by clicking 'Sound Recorder'.

Upload WAV file

Personalizing a Message

You can personalize a text-to-speech message by adding a data tag to the text box. With data tags, the system can read phone numbers, names, addresses, and other information from the spreadsheet. The data tags come from the names of the columns that you would like to pull information from.

Personalized message

The text-to-speach message will be:

Hello, John. On November 25, you registered for our pickup service. We will be at 858 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C1 to assist you on December 1. Thank you!

Message Design

The VoIP Auto Dialer message design tools can be used to combine WAV and text-to-speech messages. To design a message, click 'Designer Mode' at the bottom of the message page. In designer mode, select 'Add Text' to add a text-to-speech message. Data tags can be used to personalize these messages. To add an audio file to this message, click 'Add File'. You can use the 'Add Delay' tool to separate audio messages from text-to-speech messages. The 'Add Sound' feature can be used to add a beep or ring-back tone after a message. These options are useful for interacting with contacts and organizing messages.

Message designer