VoIP Auto Dialer - Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

When you create a campaign, you will see a blank spreadsheet after the VoIP Provider settings. The basic two-column spreadsheet is for names and phone numbers, but you can add columns for extra data tags.

VoIP Auto Dialer Phone Numbers

Importing Information from CSV Files

To import contact information from a CSV file, click 'Import from .CSV' at the top of the page. Select a spreadsheet CSV file from your local computer.

Import from CSV

Manually Adding Information

To add information without a CSV file, click on the cells in the spreadsheet to add new phone numbers and names. Phone numbers can be added to the first column, and names should be added to the second column.

Adding New Columns

To include additional information about each contact, add a new column with the 'Tools' button or right click on the spreadsheet. Select 'Add New Column', and label the column with a relevant name.

Adding New Columns

Deleting Columns

To delete a column in the spreadsheet, right-click the column header. Select 'Delete Column' on the list that appears.

Renaming Columns

To rename a column, double click on the column's namee. This will highlight the name, and you can overwrite the previous name.

Deleting Rows

To delete a row, or a contact, right-click the row. Select 'Delete Row' on the list that appears. If you would like to delete all of the rows, select 'Delete All Rows' on the list.