VoIP Auto Dialer - VoIP Providers

VoIP Providers

A VoIP provider is a service provider that allows you to use the voice over internet protocol method to send and receive telephone calls. With VoIP technology, you can use a high-speed Internet connection instead of a physical landline or data service.

Configuring a VoIP Provider

When you purchase a VoIP service, you will receive a domain, username, authorization name, and password. This information is used to configure the VoIP provider in the Auto Dialer system. When you create a new campaign, click on the 'Add Provider' button. In the window that opens, insert your VoIP information in the correct text boxes.

Add a VoIP Provider

Editing a VoIP Provider

To edit or change the VoIP provider for a created campaign, right-click the campaign in the campaigns column. On the list that appears, select 'edit campaign'. This option will take you to a window with your campaign's name and list of VoIP providers. Click the 'edit' option on your VoIP provider. You can change the domain, username, authorization name, and password. You can also edit:

Edit a VoIP Provider Settings

  • Number of allowed simultaneous calls
  • Phone prefixes
  • Proxy addresses
  • External IP addresses

Deleting a VoIP Provider

To delete a VoIP provider, right-click the campaign of interest in the campaigns column. On the list that appears, click 'edit campaign'. This will bring you to a list of VoIP provider. Select the relevant provider, and click 'delete'.

How to Limit the Number of Simultaneous Calls Per Provider

From the VoIP provider settings, go to the 'Advanced Options' section. In the field that is labelled as 'Simultaneous Calls' use the arrows to add or subtract calls.