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Voice2Phone Announces Group Calling Online Service: Affordable, Convenient Automated Messaging System

Voice2Phone’s new multi-platform Group Calling Online Service is a mass calling system to send a personalized recorded voice message to your phone list. The automated calling service makes large numbers of simultaneous calls from your web browser. The process is simple and affordable with no downloading, installing or configuring required. Voice2Phone's clearcut three-step automated messaging system eradicates the need for a technical staff or calling tree. Unlike other solutions on the market, Voice2Phone is truly created for the end-user.

Setting Up Your Automated Calling Service

Using the system to make automated phone calls is simple. Quickly upload all of the necessary phone numbers by importing a phone list from MS Excel or other spreadsheet program. Record your personal voice or text-to-speech message. Spreadsheet columns allow the use of templates specific to each call including #First Name#, #Last Name#, #Balance# and others. Built-in text-to-speech capability allows data to be read over the phone.

Fast, Dependable Automated Notification Service for Businesses

Businesses can use Voice2Phone’s automated messaging service to confirm appointments automatically. Organizations can schedule automated phone calls to increase customer loyalty and communication and raise sales. Offices can even use the convenient automated notification service to remind customers of current or outstanding bills.

Automated Calling System Advantageous for Non-profits and Schools

Non-profits can use the automated notification system to remind constituents about upcoming events or fundraisers. Similarly, schools may use the mass calling system to notify families about upcoming programs and events, increasing parental involvement.

Saves Schools Time and Money by Avoiding a Calling Tree

Schools can also benefit from the auto dialer software by using it as an emergency Notification System emergency notification service for severe weather conditions. Administrators can use Voice2Phone’s auto dialer as an emergency Notification System emergency notification service to inform staff and families of imminent delays or cancellations. When a student is absent, the mass calling service can save time and money by leaving automated messages for parents.

Mass Calling System and Emergency Notification Service for Churches

Religious organizations such as churches can take advantage of Voice2Phone’s automated notification system to let congregants know about guest speakers and remind them of upcoming services. The automated messaging service is an ideal way to reach out to less active members of the congregation, strengthening their connection to the organization and increasing general participation. Also an ideal emergency Notification System, Voice2Phone’s mass calling service is a fast, simple means of informing an entire congregation about last-minute schedule adjustments or cancellations.

Using Your Convenient Auto Dialer Dashboard

While the automated calling service is performing, customers can review a dashboard showing batch job status, call schedule, the last 10 calls made, and calls status. Customers can also see the number of times a call recipient has pressed a touch-key.

Mass Calling Service Instant Operator and Voice Mail Recognition Capability

Voice2Phone’s Auto Dialer Operator software allows call recipients to reach an operator instantly, streamlining the communication process between parties. The software also incorporates an automatic answering machine with voice mail recognition capability to ensure your entire message is delivered after the beep.

Voice2Phone’s auto dialer software is ideal for a host of different companies including non-profits, offices, religious organizations and schools.

About the Voice2Phone Automated Messaging System Team

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