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Voice2Phone Announces New Discount Program for Churches, Schools and Nonprofits

Voice2Phone, a leading force for innovation in the VoIP and auto dialer industry, today announced that it will offer significant discounts for religious organizations, educational institutions and other nonprofit groups on its Auto Dialer software packages. These discounts are intended to allow these organizations to take advantage of this powerful communications tool on behalf of their own members.

Richmond, British Columbia October 15, 2012 – Leading VoIP innovator Voice2Phone today announced the launch of a new discount program aimed at churches, schools and other nonprofit groups. These organizations can enjoy significant reductions on the regular low price of the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer system. This advanced auto dialer solution provides a number of benefits for small to medium-sized organizations. It is capable of making up to 300 calls per hour, allowing fast notification for upcoming events and schedule changes. Additionally, the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer system provides unparalleled ease of installation and use for less experienced VoIP users.

By implementing the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer, churches and religious organizations can remind their members of upcoming observances, choir practices and special services. This can provide an added level of communication to ensure that these important religious events are not overlooked or forgotten. Schools and educational institutions can benefit as well; schedule changes, tutorial sessions and other opportunities can be communicated to students and parents rapidly without expending valuable staff time on repeated phone calls. The Voice2Phone Auto Dialer makes it simple to communicate quickly and conveniently with large groups of people in a short amount of time. even better.

Nonprofit organizations can solicit volunteers or donations for important community needs and emergency services within the local area. When time is of the essence, as with disaster relief efforts, the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer can send out a general call to action to alert volunteers about the need for immediate help in the local community. This phone message broadcasting capability can allow faster response times and increased assistance for those in need.

The Auto Dialer system is exceptionally easy to install and use. It offers touch-tone and voice response capability, allowing recipients to communicate with the organization directly. This can provide valuable information on planned attendance, volunteer availability and pledge amounts for donation drives. The Voice2Phone Auto Dialer system provides outstanding functionality for small to medium-sized organizations and is value-priced to ensure affordability.

Voice2Phone offers full support for its Auto Dialer software that includes a video tutorial, assistance with installation and configuration issues and outstanding customer service at every stage of the process. This allows even novice users to master the Auto Dialer interface and create their own messages easily and conveniently. Voice2Phone's new discount program for nonprofits will allow even more organizations to take advantage of this advanced technology and enjoy added communications options with their members, students and volunteers.

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Voice2Phone is a leading provider of innovative and affordable VoIP communications systems, auto dialer solutions and other elite tools for the modern marketplace. The Voice2Phone Auto Dialer software combines outstanding ease of use with exceptional functionality to create a comprehensive solution for VoIP auto dialing needs.