Voice2Phone Press Releases

Auto Dialer Leader Voice2Phone Offers New Reseller Program

Voice2Phone, a leading supplier of auto dialer software with a proven history of customer satisfaction, announced that it has established a reseller program to allow third-party vendors to sell and distribute Voice2Phone’s results-drive technology. Resellers will have the ability to rebrand the product under their own label d earn a commission on each product they sell.

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Advantages

Voice2Phone uses the most advanced voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) technology as the basis for its auto dialer software as well as session initiation protocol (SIP) standards, offering customers an easy-to-use voice broadcasting solution at the most competitive prices. VoIP uses state-of-the-art PC-to-phone technology to ensure speedy dialing and a higher number of calls per hour than other dialing methods.

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer allows making five, ten or even twenty simultaneous calls to landline phones, cell phones and SIP phones. Voice2Phone also works with answering machines, waiting until it detects the “beep” before leaving the recorded message. Companies with a typical 30-second message can expect a volume of about 60 calls per hour on a single line.

Recorded Message or Live Operator

Voice2Phone offers two VoIP auto dialer platforms to meet the needs of a wide variety of users and applications. For those seeking a broadcast by phone or phone notification package, Voice Broadcasting Auto Dialer edition calls each number on the client’s list and delivers a customized recorded message. Voice Broadcasting Auto Dialer also includes a record function which can be used to capture voice or keypad responses when necessary. For companies, charities and other groups who prefer to speak directly with their customers or donors, Auto Dialer Operator is excellent voice broadcasting by phone auto dialer software. Auto Dialer Operator is a predictive VoIP auto dialer system that dials targeted individuals and then transfers the call to a live operator once the call is answered. This system can also be programmed to allow transfers during the recording in response to keypad entries, allowing companies to offer numbered menu options to the individuals they call.

No Special Equipment Needed

While many auto dialer systems require special telephonic equipment to take advantage of all of their features, Voice2Phone SIP auto dialer packages are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and require only a computer with a sound card and an internet connection to operate. Installation is quick and the system is so easy to use, even inexperienced employees and volunteers can learn to use it in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Reselling

Because Voice2Phone offers is a leader in the voice broadcasting by phone auto dialer business, resellers can be assured that the products they’re selling are of the highest quality and are highly valued by those who use them. Using their own label, customers can rely on Voice2Phone’s proven track record to quickly build their own reputation in the voice broadcasting by phone auto dialer industry. In addition to being able to rebrand the products with their own company labels, resellers will also have direct links to their own ordering page managed by Voice2Phone and can embed those links on their company websites.

More Information

Voice2Phone’s commission program for resellers begins at 40 percent. For all the details about the resale program and all of Voice2Phone’s broadcast by phone or phone notification’s products, visit the Voice2Phone website at https://voice2phone.com