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Voice2Phone Introduces Phone Tree Capability for Its VOIP Auto Dialer Software Solutions

Voice2Phone, a leader in the auto dialer software marketplace, now offers advanced phone tree capability for users. Like traditional phone trees, this advanced phone tree software allows organizations, companies and other groups to reach their members in less time and with greater efficiency. Voice2Phone’s new phone tree software can speed up notifications and ensure that all members of the group can be contacted with important information promptly. Voice2Phone offers a wide range of advanced VOIP auto dialer solutions for small to medium businesses and organizations, and the addition of voice tree capability is expected to provide Voice2Phone customers with even more ways to communicate with staff members, clients and other individuals in their target audiences.

Voice2Phone, a leading communications software company, today announced the expansion of its already extensive line of VOIP auto dialer software solutions to include phone tree capability and advanced phone tree software. Phone tree technology allows companies and organizations to reach their employees, members and target audiences more quickly and effectively. Like the traditional phone tree system, Voice2Phone’s new phone tree software is designed to provide tiered notification to the targeted individuals. This can ensure that the most vital links in the communication chain are contacted first to ensure that the necessary actions will be performed in response to the phone tree notifications.

The new phone tree software packages can be configured to work with the VOIP auto dialer software already available from Voice2Phone, allowing customers to manage their communications needs more effectively. With the addition of this new functionality, Voice2Phone customers can use existing computing and VOIP equipment to handle major notification tasks quickly and effectively. Typical tasks include mass notification of employees during an unexpected closure or unforeseen emergency, alerting parents and teachers of upcoming events or school announcements and alerting Neighborhood Watch members to unusual activities in the area. Voice2Phone software packages are affordable and scalable to provide maximum flexibility for smaller organizations and ensure that they have the communication power they need at a price they can afford. The addition of phone tree software packages and capabilities to the already extensive Voice2Phone lineup is expected to allow the company to serve its customers even better.

About Voice2Phone

The Voice2Phone team consists of dedicated software and communications specialists who provide an extensive array of VOIP auto dialer solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. These customizable auto dialer solutions can be programmed to suit the specific needs of the group and include predictive dialer software packages designed to work seamlessly with existing VOIP systems. The Voice2Phone team is committed to providing the best VOIP auto dialer and predictive dialer solutions to their customers and offer exceptional software packages at prices even smaller businesses and organizations can afford.