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Voice2Phone Announces Auto Dialer Operator - Predictive Dialer

Voice2Phone, a leading supplier of Internet-based telephony products, announces the latest addition to their product lineup: the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Operator - Predictive Dialer. This product allows businesses of all sizes to easily develop a predictive dialer program to increase sales and improve collections at the lowest possible cost without the need for additional hardware or phone lines.

Predictive dialer software is an effective and affordable tool that allows businesses to fully leverage their existing electronic equipment, broadband connection, and call agents to do more with the same level of resources. Recent studies involving the call habits of the typical customer service representative showed that manual-dialing procedures only provide a 25% productivity rate. This number means that most call agents only spend 15 minutes each hour actively speaking to clients while the remaining 45 minutes are consumed by dialing, waiting for an answer, and disconnecting the call. In most cases, calls that are not answered require almost the same level of effort as a live response.

After deploying an automatic predictive dialer, the same call agents increased their productivity by 300%. With the Voice2Phone Predictive Dialer, many companies can increase their live call time from 15 minutes per agent each hour to a more productive 45 minutes. This upgrade in capabilities can improve customer relations, employee satisfaction, overall sales, and cash flow without disrupting core operations or creating excessive expenses. In fact, the ROI on the auto dialer operator software is exceptionally high for virtually every customer when compared to other auto dialer methodologies.

Voice2Phone has also developed a deployment procedure that reduces the time needed for a phone broadcast software installation project from a year-long effort to a matter of hours. Once a company has discovered the value that this auto dialer operator software tool can offer their operation, they simply purchase the product online, download the software, and allow the setup wizard to do the rest. The configuration is simple, and the usage is intuitive. In fact, most experienced call agents require no additional training to begin using the Voice2Phone predictive dialer software package.

Although this phone broadcast software is inexpensive and easy to learn, it includes a robust list of features including a VoIP dialer, automatic call transfers, automatic hang-ups on unanswered calls or busy signals, recording capabilities, management reporting, and full windows integration. One of the most valuable benefits of the Voice2Phone automatic predictive dialer application is that it requires no special qualifications or training to setup and deploy. Instead of hiring an expensive telephony expert or bringing in a team of consultants to create a complicated system, practically anyone can install this software without help, and understand how it works, with only a few hours of effort.

The Predictive Dialer is expected to provide a feasible option for businesses that otherwise couldn’t afford to put an automated phone system in place. In the midst of an economic downturn, many companies have put a strict limit on any capital expenditures or infrastructure upgrades including adding new hardware or increasing available phone lines. Because the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Operator software is installed on the company’s existing personal computers and places calls using VoIP technology, no capital investment is required. In return, the auto dialer operator quickly pays for itself in enhanced productivity levels, increased collection activity, and elevated sales numbers.

Voice2Phone was established as on online telephony vendor in 2010. In addition to the Auto Dialer Operator product, they also sell a variety of other products including the Automatic Voice Broadcaster.