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Voice2Phone Takes Aim at Twilio With New Outbound Phone Calling API

Vancouver BC, Canada – January, 2017 – In a move that sent the world of VoIP cloud communications ablaze, Voice2Phone announced that its novel outbound phone calling API was ready for wide-scale deployment. The company, which has long had its eyes on dominating this specific market niche, hopes to take up the mantle of companies like Twilio and other platform as a service, or PaaS, providers.

According to business insiders, Voice2Phone’s latest declaration of war positions it as a potent competitor to other market players. The firm’s RESTful API is well-known among its clientele for its predictability and ease of use, but it’s by no means lacking in efficacy. Features like resource-oriented URLs, HTTP response code error signaling, and full utilization of HTTP verbs and authentication make it simple to integrate with other technologies as well as a diverse range of third-party clients.

Voice2Phone personnel note that the system greatly simplifies typical usage workflows, which is sure to be of interest to programmers and business enterprises. As Yury Meishutovich, the company’s co-founder says, “Our API was specifically engineered with streamlined use in mind. In addition to letting users select their own methods for actions such as authentication, click-to-call dialing and call status retrieval, we’ve gone above and beyond to provide thorough documentation and support. We firmly believe that by lowering the bar to entry, we can help countless businesses put our tools to good use.”

Of course, Voice2Phone hasn’t taken on the challenge of breaking into the cloud calling game lightly. The firm maintains that it’s dedicated to continually improving its offerings with a focus on robust reliability. “Whereas our competitors are largely known for their endless evangelism and outreach drives, we’ve spent our time optimizing the quality of our products and services,” says Yury Meishutovich ”We’ve listened to feedback from our users to discover what they needed the most, and we’re happy to help them fulfill their business goals.”

Will Voice2Phone triumph in its quest to deliver a superior outbound phone calling API? With significant amounts of time and effort already invested into development and real-world stress testing, industry observers say that the firm’s success is almost guaranteed. For business consumers who are currently confronted by a disappointing lack of cloud calling options, the announcement couldn’t have come at a better time.

About Voice2Phone

Voice2Phone is a growing leader in the field of digital communications technology. The company offers a number of cloud-based Outbound Phone Calling VoIP systems, desktop Auto Dialer Systems and phone call API services at competitive prices. It also provides international services to fulfill its mission to deliver seamless communication functionality to businesses worldwide.