Voice2Phone Press Releases

Voice2Phone Announces Growth Plan, Expands into the UK Market

Voice2Phone, a premier provider of auto dialer and predictive dialer services, announced today it will be offering its sophisticated product suite to the UK market. The announcement comes on the heels of a strategic, holistic approach that puts the Company on a growth path in the key tactical markets of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Voice2Phone brings into this strategic shift a mix of unparalleled technological sophistication, deep industry connections and top-quality client service.

A Holistic Product Offering

Voice2Phone provides a holistic product offering that responds to the operating needs of various clients, ranging from large Fortune 500 businesses to small companies, mid-size establishments and philanthropic institutions. The Company also provides customized product solutions for entities as diverse as colleges and universities, government agencies and crisis-management coordinators.

Voice2Phone's automated calling system methodically scans through a large phone list, calls each number and delivers a recorded voice message. The system, driven by automated calling software, enables clients to record a unique message and, literally, spread the word about their products, causes, services and initiatives. The automated call system handles all the scheduling, tone density and frequency of the messaging approach, delivering the right note to clients and making sure automated calling does not produce the kind of operational annoyance that often stems from telemarketing specialists.

Marketing Planning

Voice2Phone's auto dialer software brings clients' communication aspirations to the fore, helping them leverage the power of our premier auto dialer and predictive dialer systems to boost corporate sales. The software can play a key role in marketing initiatives as diverse as product launch, sales appointment reminder, strategic public relations dialing, mass dialing and customer surveys. Voice2Phone's automated calling system also enables clients to track how many recipients were contacted through mass dialing campaigns, the corresponding response rates, and whether the automated call system was effective.

The Company’s products cover the whole operational gamut, from broadcasting and phone reminders to telemarketing, political campaigns, phone surveys and phone notifications - not to mention the suite of important monitoring and reporting tools that come with the products.

Commercial Partnerships

Voice2Phone is embarking on a strategic growth plan in the UK market, and therefore seeks premier partners to help elevate the company's competitive presence in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Company is looking to partner with establishments that have experience or a commercial interest in automated calling software, automated calling, and auto dialer software - as well as the corollary sectors, products and services that gravitate around that trio.

Voice2Phone seeks partners, resellers and retailers operating in the UK market, with commercial ties to the market, or with joint-venture partnerships with other establishments in the UK market.

Voice2Phone has special programs for partners and resellers. Interested establishments should contact the Company to learn more about the partnership offer, and determine how it can benefit their business, brand or operational motive.

Special Discount Programs

Voice2Phone has special discount programs for nonprofits, such as charitable institutions, religious centers and schools. The programs also apply to government entities, such as cities, counties and ministries, that need to periodically and effectively communicate with citizens.

The Company invites interested establishments to contact its customer service department, to learn more about the special discount programs, which not only will help clients exchange effectively with key stakeholders, but also provide them with an affordable cost strategy. Voice2Phone covers all client needs, be they appointment reminder, cause marketing or community announcements.